How are we doing & How are you feeling?

Thank you for putting in so much effort in making the classes so interesting & engaging for our little ones!

KDA Online has really kept me going and my spirits high through lockdown!

My daughters’ attention span has definitely improved since classes have been on Zoom, thank you for keeping the classes exciting for the children!

The children have adapted so well during the transfer to Online dance classes, thank you for doing an amazing job, she is really enjoying her zoom dance classes!

I really like not worrying about being late to class, I am early every week for Online classes!

My daughter has really enjoyed this term on Zoom, thank you!

Tap classes are good online as you can mute yourself and keep practicing whilst the teacher listens one-by-one

I like the teachers using the breakout rooms as it gives me a chance to ask questions privately rather than in front of the whole class

We want to Thank You for making the classes so fun and enjoyable this term!

It has been an absolutely amazing term which has made my daughter very happy. You are doing a great job online, thank you!

i feel i am improving my spacial awareness as i am far more aware of stage directions than i was before in the studio

It has been a learning curve for my daughter doing her dance classes online but we are very proud of her for being able to do it!

I feel I am making new friends in the class as I am often in breakout rooms with people I wouldn’t usually chat to in class. I like that!

It is incredible how interactive, engaging and imaginative your classes have been this term, thoroughly enjoyable!

I love dancing with KDA, where ever that may be!

online classes continue to provide me with a well needed break from all this craziness, thank you for all the time and organisation needed to run them so effectively, greatly appreciated!

As a parent of a younger child I have enjoyed being more involved in her dance classes as I have needed to stay in the room with her during her lessons, it has certainly helped me to understand what is involved in preparing for a dance Examinations and just how much work they cover every lesson!

Being on Zoom I have found I am putting more effort into learning the work straight away as I have nobody around me to follow. I feel I am much more independant than I was in my learning, am pleased about that!